The story of the queen bee is probably among the most fascinating ones in the animal world.


First of all, it is a story about an animal that was called a "king" up until 1609, when and Englishman Charles Butler wrota a book called The Feminine Monarchie, describing the queen as a sort of an "Amazonian ruler of the beehive". And boy, was he right!


It is a story about an animal that, in her 24/7 daily tempo, manages to give birth to an entire colony of 50,000 on her own, which, because of the short lifespan of bees, means she lays around 2,000 larva a day.

The weight of 2,000 larva a day is equal or more to her own! Imagine a woman giving birth to a child her own size, every day!


Think about it next time when you complain about your work schedule :)


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